Los Roques

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Convinced that each country has its charm, its magical place, its paradise, its UNIQUE, my country is no exception. A country full of goodness that offers us everything; forest, mountains, snow, desert, our UNIQUE (the imposing Angel Falls) and 1700 km of beautiful Caribbean beaches, which with a perfect weather almost the entire year which makes us proud of our beautiful Venezuela.

And it is that when we talk about the beach in Venezuela we come to an endless magical corners where the sea lovers would like to be: Morrocoy, Tucacas, Chichiriviche, Mochima, Margarita Island, Coche Island, La Tortuga, Los Testigos and the last but not least the Archipelago of Los Roques, our earthly paradise, where one of its beautiful cays was considered by the famous Travel review website, Tripadvisor, by comments and preference of its travelers, like one of the best beaches of the world in 2016, with a 5th place in the top 10.

How to reach Los Roques?

From Caracas, flights take off daily by airplane to the Gran Roque, which is the main town and where life concentrates in this Archipelago. You can also take a full day (only during high season) from Margarita Island directly to Los Roques with the help of Hover Tours.

Where to accomodate in Los Roques?

As I said before, the airplanes land in the Gran Roque, and from there is where you will have available a great variety of lodgment with a Full pension plan, all of them offer basic service, most of them are remodeled houses as inns which gives a warm atmosphere,  many of them don’t have the comfort of modern life, but it does offer the traveler the opportunity to live the local culture and customs of the community in the middle of a wonderful and exotic landscape.

In my last visit I stayed at Macondo, a suitable house as an inn, located in main street of Gran Roque island, the inn has 6 estandard rooms, but very cozy, with air conditioner, private bathroom, hairdryer, room service, does not have a telephone or TV, but who needs them? Wifi service is included, and a big terrace with hammocks ideal to relax and enjoy a good snack outdoors with the sound of the caribbean, the house has a big living room where the dining room is located, this is shared with the rest of the guests of the inn, an opportunity to meet new people, culture and customs. I met two french couples, where we shared the experiences of the day and we taught them about our gastronomy, they ate and enjoyed venezuelan arepas and empanadas.

Once we finished breakfast, it was time to go to a cay, you have two options, either go to the dock and ask one of the boatmen for the cay of your preference or plan with the Inn you are staying at directly. From the Inn the options are more limited, they generally offer the following cays: Madrisqui, Francisqui, Pirata y Crasqui, whatever you choose is going to be spectacular, calm waters, crystaline and white sand.

We hired a private service because we wanted to visit different places. Our first stop was Noronqui Key, where we practiced snorkeling; we could swim right next to sea turtles, see fishes and starfish, enjoy its aquamarine blue, and then go to Crasqui Cay, in this cay we enjoyed the sun, calm waters and it is ideal to explore it, you can also do snorkeling because in one extreme side it has an interesting coral barrier reef. Then, after about two hours hunger was speaking to us, so we decided to to go to one of the most famous places, La Casa de Polito, in Agustin beach, where we tasted a specias dish, it had: lobster, ceviche, fried fish (parguito), fried arepas, lobster with rice, then after eating is mandatory to take a rest for at least one hour under the umbrella, with sea view. To close on a high note with our visit to the cays, we leave Polito and continue on the way under the stars, just like its name implies, you can delight yourself watching beautiful stars of all sizes. After returning to the inn we stayed at Bora Bar, a nice place to drink mojitos while you enjoy the sunset with the reighing of the seagulls and pelicans, an ideal background for a photo.

When you come to Los Roques, don’t forget to wear sunscreen, sunglasses, beach footwear, hat, insect repellent, towel and comfortable cloths, this way you will fully enjoy this paradisiac destination of our beautiful Venezuela.


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