Discover the natural beauty of Venezuela with a ride on the Canaima Lagoon!

The Canaima Lagoon is an impressive body of water located in Canaima National Park, Venezuela. The lagoon is fed by seven waterfalls and a river.

During the ride in the Canaima Lagoon, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of the waterfalls, the jungle and the surrounding tepuis.

It is also possible to take canoe rides or curiaras on the lagoon to explore the different falls and enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape.

Kitesurf - Los Roques

Kitesurfing in Los Roques is an experience not to be missed!

With its crystalline waters and tropical climate, Los Roques is the perfect place to practice water sports. From windsurfing to kitesurfing, paddleboarding to kayaking, there is a variety of activities to suit all tastes.

The Los Roques archipelago is one of the best places in the world for kitesurfing, with constant winds and calm waters. If you want to discover the variety of marine life that inhabits the coral reefs of the area, snorkeling is ideal for you.

Los Roques - Cay

The experience in Los Roques is unique.

You can enjoy incredible cays and white sand beaches with crystal clear waters where you can relax under the sun, snorkel, dive, paddle a kayak or simply enjoy the scenery.

Los Roques is one of the best destinations in Venezuela for water sports. Here you can go kiteboarding, windsurfing, sailing and sport fishing. If you are a snorkeling lover, you can explore some of the best dive sites in the Caribbean, where you will find a great variety of marine species and coral reefs.