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Shopping Tour

At the hotel exit of your stay, the tour begins with a timely stop at Donde Alfredo shop, here you will be able to buy: alcholic and non-alcoholic drinks, all kinds of chocolates, candies and other selective delicacies; to enjoy during the scheduled stay or to take with you.

The tour continues with a panoramic view to El Valle del Espiritu Santo, one of the most visited places and traditionally religious in Margarita Island. There you will perceive the faith and Marian devotion in the Basilica Menor de Nuestra Señora del Valle; icon where the image of the Virgin Mary lies, mother saint traditionally venerated by the fishermen community originated from the Eastern region of Venezuela. In this location you will be able to buy figurative souvenirs to remember this unique trip.

The third stop will be in the Craft shop La Aldea, a shop dedicated to the sale of typical local craft of the region, where additionally you will be able to find representative and picturesque souvenirs to each of the touristic stops of the state. Additionally you will be able to acquire jewelry and/or craftsmanship made with sea pearls, with certificate of authenticity, unique creations of artisans of the locals.

Afterwards, you will go to Sambil Margarita mall, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable tour of the great stores and wide variety of services that respond to a range of options to please the tastes of the whole family.


  • Transfer service
  • Water
  • Children pay the whole price
  • Departures: Mondays, Wednesdays and saturdays (during high season); wednesdays and saturdays (during low season)
  • Duration: 6 hours


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