Los Roques


The Archipelago of Los Roques, is located in the North of the central coast of Venezuela, was declared National Park in 1972, consisting of about 50 islands and 292 between cays and islets, it is a Venezuelan pride, its beaches are considered one the best of the world, due to its calm waters, white sand beaches and crystal clear water ideal to enjoy, in family, with spouse or with friends; the National Park has one of the most diverse and preserved coral reef in the Caribbean Sea. The easiest way to access this archipelago is from Caracas, where daily flights take off by plane, you could also reach it by boat, arriving at the only populated island in the whole Archipelago, El Gran Roque. From airplane, your eyes will be captivated as you approach the Archipelago.

El Gran Roque is about 1,7 km², is a picturesque little town of sand streets, very clean, stunning landscapes, you will find multiple lodgings options.

From here you will take a boat ride to visit other cays and/or beaches. A few worth mentioning:

  • Francisqui cay
  • Madrisqui cay
  • Rasquí cay
  • Pirate cay
  • Nordisqui cay
  • Noronquises cay


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